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K&L MC15R Cycle Dock 36-4090 
Narrow Rocker for MC10R/MC15R Chuck 35-4041
MC12 Tie-Down Support Bar 36-0308
Mounting Rails for Lift Extension Hardware not included 35-0328
K&L Shop Equipment Demos on CD 00-7844 
(Black & 35-6616 Orange)

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K&L MC15R Cycle Dock

The MC15R Cycle Dock self locking clamp allows one person to load and unload a motorcycle in a
trailer, pickup truck or on a service lift. The pivot mechanism uses the weight of the bike to hold itself
upright, leaving your hands free to secure the bike. Use the supplied mounting rails to mount the
Dock into a trailer or pickup truck. The rails mount to the deck so you can slide
the Dock out freeing up your truck or trailer for other uses. The kit includes two
mounting rails. Sold Each.
Note: Tie-Downs recommended but not included.