MC615R 공압식
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Capacity : 1,000 lb.
Width : 24 ”
Width w/ Side Panels : 48”
Length : 84”
Maximum Height : 35”
Minimum Height : 7.25”
Weight : 365 lb.
Drop Panel : Rear
Wheels : Yes(option)
Warranty :1 year

 💡 K&L #
K&L MC615R AIR LIFT 35-6292-Blue
K&L MC615R AIR LIFT 35-6294-Red
K&L MC615R AIR LIFT 35-6254-Black

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MC615R Air Lift

K&L has brought a new level of quality to the market with the MC615R. This lift is proof that K&L Quality can be enjoyed by every shop. The MC615R has a rated working capacity of 1000 lbs, making it perfect for Sportbikes and standards especially when used with our Lifting Arm Kits. Optional side panels increase the working deck width to 48”.

• 1000 lb. Max Capacity
• Rear Drop Panel
• Max raised height of 35”
• Lowered height is 7.25”
• Automatic safety locks
• Loading ramp included.
• One year warranty
• 24” x 84” deck



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