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Capacity : 2,000 lbs
Width : 29.5 ”
Width w/ Side Panels : 56.5” or 68.5”
Length : 86.5 ”
Maximum Height : 48 ”
Minimum Height : 7.5 ”
Weight : 500 lb.
Drop Panel : Front & Rear
Wheels : Yes(option)
Warranty :1 year

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K&L MC655R HYDRAULIC LIFT 35-6568-Blue
K&L MC655R HYDRAULIC LIFT 35-6617-Black & Orange

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The MC655R from K&L Supply is the next step up in high performance lifts. Along with a 48” maximum raised height and 1 ton capacity, the MC655R features a hand held remote control and a frame mounted pump. This does away with pump stands and excess hose, keeping your service bays clear of extraneous clutter. Optional side panels, now with our redesigned fastmount system, increase the working width of the MC655R Hydaulic Lift to 56.5 or 68.5 inches, allowing the widest utility vehicles and golf carts to be serviced.With a full range of available options, the MC655R can be tailored to meet any shops’ requirements, whether you service bikes, trikes, quads,or carts. K&L’s build standard is reflected in the CE certification that the MC655R carries, our commitment to quality has never been easier to harness for your shop.

• Built-in 110V Hydraulic Pump
• Hand Held Remote Control
• 29.5” x 86.5” deck
• Front and Rear Drop Panels
• Five position automatic locking system
• Loading ramp included.